Ensure that lawmakers in Minnesota's political parties make safe, affordable homes for all a priority by submitting a caucus resolution. Parties vote on submitted resolutions, and if a resolution is passed, the party considers it for incorporation into their legislative platform.
Submitting a resolution is simple, and it's a key step in advancing Homes for All's 2018 legislative agenda and ensuring that all Minnesotans have an affordable place to call home.
Here's how you can take action today:
  1. Download the Minnesota Republican or Minnesota DFL resolution form. Find information from other Minnesota political parties here
  2. Complete the form. Include the following resolution language: "Support Homes for All and the full continuum of housing across all of Minnesota, including preventing and ending homelessness, affordable rental opportunities, and homeownership within reach for all Minnesotans."
  3. Attend the party caucus of your choice for your precinct on Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. Find your caucus location.
  4. Propose your resolution:
    1. Stand to be recognized by the chair and say, “I move that this precinct support the following resolution."
    2. Read the resolution.
    3. If the resolution passes, hand the document to the Caucus Chair which will then be forwarded appropriately for consideration at the district and/or state levels.
Check out this article to learn more about how resolutions become part of a party's political platform. And, read more on the process from the Minnesota DFL and the Minnesota Republican parties. Find information from other Minnesota political parties here

Who We Are

Homes for All is a statewide coalition that advances shared policy initiatives that lead to housing stability for all Minnesotans. Homes for All supports statewide investment across Minnesota's Housing Continuum.