Below you can find meeting notes and other materials from full Homes for All coalition meetings going back further than the last six months, all the way to December 2018. Meeting notes from the 2017 and 2018 legislative sessions are also below. If you have any questions, contact the Homes for All Co-Chairs or working group leads. 

2019 Meetings

Meeting Resources from July 2019 Meeting:

Meeting Resources from June 2019 Meeting:

  • Click here for live meeting notes
  • Click here for the H4A Legislative Outcomes (Policy walking us through it)
  • Click here for Summer Proposal Planning Process
  • Click here for Wilders Collaboration Factors Inventory

Discussion Questions:

1. What did H4A do effectively during the 2019 legislative session?

2. What could H4A improve for next legislative session?

3. How could you and your organization feel more involved with H4A?

Meeting Resources from April 2019 Meeting:

  • Click here for HF896 that proposes Manufactured home parks eligibility as housing improvement areas clarified, and housing infrastructure bonds use for manufactured home parks allowed and click here for companion bill SF469 that proposes Manufactured home parks as housing improvement areas eligibility clarification; housing infrastructure bonds usage for manufactured home parks authorization
  • Click here for Call or email action activity
  • Click here for Housing Crisis Learning Game
  • Click here for example cards of the Housing Crisis Learning Game
  • Click here for 2019-2020 H4A Legislative Agenda and Materials

Meeting Resources from March 2019 Meeting:

Meeting Resources from December 2018 Meeting:

  • Click here for a Google Doc for live meeting notes
  • Click here for the presentation from the Communications Team
  • Click here for the Updated One Pager of the 2019-2020 H4A Legislative Agenda
  • Click here for the survey to endorse the 2019-2020 H4A Legislative Agenda
  • Click here to take the Heading Home Together Leadership Circle survey
  • Click here to check out the Welcoming Document for H4A Endorsing Organizations
  • Click here to watch a video on Solace House in Southwest MN

Meeting Resources from November 2018 Meeting resources (voted on legislative agenda)

  • Click here for Google Slideshow introducing the H4A legislative agenda
  • Click here for the recommended H4A legislative agenda
  • Click here for the resolution on sustainable funding
  • Click here for a Google Doc that includes links to proposal materials and video recordings of proposals

Older Resources and Materials

Click here for archived meeting minutes and resources relating to the 2018 legislative session. 

Click here for archived meeting minutes and resources relating to the 2017 legislative session.


Who We Are

Homes for All is a statewide coalition that advances shared policy initiatives that lead to housing stability for all Minnesotans. Homes for All supports statewide investment across Minnesota's Housing Continuum.