With the legislative session entering its final month, omnibus bills are coming fast and furious. An omnibus bill packages several smaller bills into one bill; it can include appropriations and policy items. Check out what we know about what is in these bills so far.


HHS Committees:

  • Emergency services Program

    • Moves ESP from a base budget of 844k/year to 9m/year

  • Shelter Capital

    • Adds 2.5m/year until 2026 of shelter capital for increasing and maintaining the supply of shelters across the state

  • Long Term Homeless Supportive Services

    • Adds 1m/year to the base budget for LTHSS

  • Absence waiver (county version) for Housing supports

Housing Committee:  

The omnibus housing bill will be heard on the House Floor, Thursday April 15th; it, for good reason, does not include the eviction moratorium off-ramp proposal, HF12, (see below). The bill has $30 million in additional spending, $5 million is ongoing base funding (see funding increases below which include some non-agenda items).


  • Bridges Housing Voucher

    • $1 Million base increase 

  • Homework Starts With Home

    • $1 Million base increase

  • Lead Safe Homes Program

    • $2 Million one-time & $1.5 Million base increase

  • Workforce Homeownership Program

    • $3.5 Million onetime & $1.5 Base increase

  • Challenge Program - $6 million one-time increase

  • Manufactured Home Park Infrastructure Grants

    • $2 Million one-time increase

  • Local Housing Trust-Fund Match

    • $3 Million one-time increase

  • Homeowner Assistance Fund

    • $1 Million one-time


    • $500k one-time 

  • NOAH Preservation

    • $ one-time

  • Shelter Provider Task-Force

    • $455K one-time


  • Tenant rights and protections are all in the House’s Omnibus Housing Bill:

    • Pre-eviction notice of 14 days

    • Eviction expungement reforms

    • Prohibition of non-optional fees for non-optional services (e.g., move-in fee, payment electronic portal fee, January fee)

    • Statewide minimum heat code

    • Privacy violations

    • Emergency repairs and related court costs

    • Break lease in case of infirmity

  • Eviction moratorium off-ramp (HF12):   Homes for All believes long-term housing policies should be considered separately from the short-term issue of ending the moratorium appropriately, as HF12 for the most part does:

    • It is tied to the peacetime emergency.

    • It will take an extended amount of time to phase out, giving time for the financial assistance coming from the federal government time to get into the bank accounts of landlords.

    • It requires landlords to notify tenants prior to an eviction being filed and provides tenants with time to cure the issue at the heart of a potential eviction action -- usually non-payment of rent.


Judiciary & Civil Law:

  • Prevent Source of Income Discrimination Poilcy & Funding Included


  • Workforce Homeownership Program 

    • $15 Million Base Funding

      • Through Capture of Mortgage Registry & Deed Tax

  • 4d Adjustment Study

  • $25m Youth homeless Prevention

Capital Investments:

  • Housing Infrastructure Bonds (HIBs)

    • $150 for Permanent Affordable Housing

      • New Use: Deeper Affordability without Supportive Services

      • New Use: Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing Preservation

    • $50 Million for Shelters (One-time)

      • $10 Million carve out for Simpson Housing Services

  • GO Bonds

    • $100 Million for public housing rehab


HHS Committees:

  • Housing supports

  • $100/month base rate increase

  • Absence waiver for people seeking medical treatment to exceed the 18 day absence policy


Housing Committee:

The committee had a $0 budget target so any funding increases mean that funding was cut from another program.


  • Challenge Program

    • $2 Million Cut

  • Rental Housing Rehab Program

    • $2 Million Cut

  • Build Wealth

    • $1 Million Cut


    • $300k one-time

  • Workforce Homeownership Program

  • $3.2 Million one-time

  • Manufactured Home Park Infrastructure Grants

    • $1.5 Million one-time


  • Tenant rights/protections:  The Senate Omnibus Housing bill includes none of Homes for All’s tenant right/protections proposals.  Also, it includes the Senate’s eviction moratorium off-ramp proposal, which Homes for All believes should be negotiated separately from longer-term policy change proposals (see above).


Judiciary & Civil Law:

Nothing included at the moment


The bill hasn’t been released yet, but we expect the Affordable Housing Tax Credit Bill to be included as well pushed by MHP.

  • Property Tax Subcommittee Bill

    • 4d tax simplification


Capital Investments:

No Bill at the Moment


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