5/18 – H4A Full Group Meeting CANCELED

We are CANCELING our full group Homes for All meeting that was scheduled for this Thursday, May 20. Please stay tuned for an update email from the Homes for All co-chairs soon. Homes for All Full Group Meeting CANCELED for this month

05/13 End of the Legislative Session Twitterstorm 

Join Homes for All as we host a Twitterstorm to urge lawmakers to prioritze housing and homelessness issues through the end of session (5/17)


A Twitterstorm is simply a short period of time during which advocates join together to send a high volume of tweets on a specific topic. We will prepare sample tweets for you (found below) and you can copy and paste them throughout the hour, or schedule your tweets in advance. You can also create your own tweets, just remember to use the hashtags below so that all of our tweets can be grouped together. Please note: pls retweet and “favorite” tweets as they are sent out because it builds momentum and helps Homes for All trend on Twitter.


What: Twitterstorm to urge lawmakers to prioritize housing and homelessness issues through the end of sessions

When: Thursday, May 13, 2021

Time: 12pm – 1pm

Where: Twitter – @Home4AllMN

Hashtags/Tags:  #Homes4AllMN #Bonds4Housing #mnleg
@PaulGazelka @MelissaHortman


Goal: The goal of this Twitterstorm is to build momentum around the end of the 2021 Legislative Session and the Homes for All legislative agenda.

  • Favoriting, retweeting, and posting the prepared tweets for the full hour

  • Using a variation of these leaders in our tweets:

    •  @PaulGazelka @MelissaHortman 

  • Using specific hashtags: #Homes4AllMN; #mnleg; #Bonds4Housing

Current Co-hosts:

  • @followmhp

  • @MCCD_MN

  • @HabitatMN

  • @mnhomelessco 

  • @HOME_Line

  • @OYHmn

  • @AvenuesforYouth

  • @AllianceHsg

  • @AvivoMN

  • @AeonMN

  • @CCtwincities

  • @Wilderfdtn

  • @BelieveinHome

  • @tchabitat


SAMPLE TWEETS for 05/13/2021:

  • Tenant protection

    • The simple filing of an eviction action by a landlord appears immediately on a tenant’s record, before the court has rendered a judgement or even heard the case. Tenants deserve their day in court prior to something forever tarnishing their rental history. #mnleg #Homes4AllMN

    • If an eviction was ordered more than 3 years ago, it should permanently be removed from a renters’ record. Evictions currently haunt tenants for years. At some point we need to stop punishing renters for issues that took place long ago. #mnleg #Homes4AllMN

    • In the occasional situation when a tenant is successful in getting an eviction expunged from their record, it usually takes 2 to 4 months — the critical time a tenant is seeking new housing. #mnleg #Homes4AllMN

  • Shelter/Homelessness

    • 80 of Minnesota’s 87 counties do not have enough shelter. It’s time for the state to invest in the Emergency Services Program so all Minnesotans have access to safe, dignified shelter. #mnleg

    • Homelessness was a crisis before COVID and we’re yet to see the full impact of the pandemic. The state needs to invest in the Emergency Services Program to help Minnesotans find stability. #mnleg

    • Housing Support helps keep people in their homes and avoid homelessness. An increase across the state would help Minnesotans stay stable. #mnleg

  • Homeownership

    • The Challenge Program is one of the most versatile funding sources for housing in Greater MN + the Metro. An increase in funding for this oversubscribed program can CREATE and REHABILITATE affordable ownership and rental units and ensure #Homes4AllMN! #mnleg

    • As we continue to fight for justice for all Minnesotans in this difficult time, we will advocate so that ALL Minnesota families can access affordable housing. One way to make an impact? Contact your state rep and senator and make your voice heard. #MNLeg #VirtualAdvocacy

    • @PaulGazelka @MelissaHortman where we live impacts every part of our lives! Please support funding for the #ChallengeProgram, a proven, vital resource for future homeowners! #Homes4AllMN 

    • Over 100 people attended #VirtualHillDay – a testament to the power of coming together to advocate for meaningful change. Please support advocates’ efforts by making homeownership a possibility for ALL Minnesota families @PaulGazelka @MelissaHortman #InvestinHome #MNLeg

    • “Housing is healthcare, housing is education, housing is stability. “- Dr. Bambie Hayes-Brown, CEO of Georgia Advancing Communities Together. Please support much-needed homeownership funding #mnleg #affordablehousing 

  • General

    • In Minnesota, 1 in 4 families pay more than they can afford on housing, putting them one emergency away from losing their home. Legislators must act now to build thoughtful, lasting change that ensures affordable housing is accessible to all this #mnleg session. #Homes4AllMN

    • We believe in safe and affordable shelter for EVERY Minnesotan! Please support investments in housing for the full continuum of housing. #Homes4AllMN @GovTimWalz @LtGovFlanagan


Register for the Virtual H4A Rally!

Please mark your calendars and join us for a virtual rally with Homes for All. Homes for All Virtual Rally: Response, Recovery, Resilience” will take place on Zoom on May 5th, 2021 from 10:00 – 11:30am. Find the details and registration links here:

  • H4A Facebook Event here
  • Register on our Eventbrite page here

Hear from folks with lived experience of housing instability, participate in a call to action, and get an update on our legislative work. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, half a million Minnesota households were spending more than 30% of their income on housing. As the housing crisis persists, we need to take collective action for housing equity, recovery, and stability.

Accessibility: ASL interpretation and CART (live) captioning will be available. If you have questions about accessibility, please email Gene Martinez at genemartinez@arcminnesota.org.

4/14 Homes for All Legislative Update & Summary

With the legislative session entering its final month, omnibus bills are coming fast and furious. An omnibus bill packages several smaller bills into one bill; it can include appropriations and policy items. Check out what we know about what is in these bills so far.


HHS Committees:

  • Emergency services Program

    • Moves ESP from a base budget of 844k/year to 9m/year

  • Shelter Capital

    • Adds 2.5m/year until 2026 of shelter capital for increasing and maintaining the supply of shelters across the state

  • Long Term Homeless Supportive Services

    • Adds 1m/year to the base budget for LTHSS

  • Absence waiver (county version) for Housing supports

Housing Committee:  

The omnibus housing bill will be heard on the House Floor, Thursday April 15th; it, for good reason, does not include the eviction moratorium off-ramp proposal, HF12, (see below). The bill has $30 million in additional spending, $5 million is ongoing base funding (see funding increases below which include some non-agenda items).


  • Bridges Housing Voucher

    • $1 Million base increase 

  • Homework Starts With Home

    • $1 Million base increase

  • Lead Safe Homes Program

    • $2 Million one-time & $1.5 Million base increase

  • Workforce Homeownership Program

    • $3.5 Million onetime & $1.5 Base increase

  • Challenge Program – $6 million one-time increase

  • Manufactured Home Park Infrastructure Grants

    • $2 Million one-time increase

  • Local Housing Trust-Fund Match

    • $3 Million one-time increase

  • Homeowner Assistance Fund

    • $1 Million one-time


    • $500k one-time 

  • NOAH Preservation

    • $ one-time

  • Shelter Provider Task-Force

    • $455K one-time


  • Tenant rights and protections are all in the House’s Omnibus Housing Bill:

    • Pre-eviction notice of 14 days

    • Eviction expungement reforms

    • Prohibition of non-optional fees for non-optional services (e.g., move-in fee, payment electronic portal fee, January fee)

    • Statewide minimum heat code

    • Privacy violations

    • Emergency repairs and related court costs

    • Break lease in case of infirmity

  • Eviction moratorium off-ramp (HF12):   Homes for All believes long-term housing policies should be considered separately from the short-term issue of ending the moratorium appropriately, as HF12 for the most part does:

    • It is tied to the peacetime emergency.

    • It will take an extended amount of time to phase out, giving time for the financial assistance coming from the federal government time to get into the bank accounts of landlords.

    • It requires landlords to notify tenants prior to an eviction being filed and provides tenants with time to cure the issue at the heart of a potential eviction action — usually non-payment of rent.


Judiciary & Civil Law:

  • Prevent Source of Income Discrimination Poilcy & Funding Included


  • Workforce Homeownership Program 

    • $15 Million Base Funding

      • Through Capture of Mortgage Registry & Deed Tax

  • 4d Adjustment Study

  • $25m Youth homeless Prevention

Capital Investments:

  • Housing Infrastructure Bonds (HIBs)

    • $150 for Permanent Affordable Housing

      • New Use: Deeper Affordability without Supportive Services

      • New Use: Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing Preservation

    • $50 Million for Shelters (One-time)

      • $10 Million carve out for Simpson Housing Services

  • GO Bonds

    • $100 Million for public housing rehab


HHS Committees:

  • Housing supports

  • $100/month base rate increase

  • Absence waiver for people seeking medical treatment to exceed the 18 day absence policy


Housing Committee:

The committee had a $0 budget target so any funding increases mean that funding was cut from another program.


  • Challenge Program

    • $2 Million Cut

  • Rental Housing Rehab Program

    • $2 Million Cut

  • Build Wealth

    • $1 Million Cut


    • $300k one-time

  • Workforce Homeownership Program

  • $3.2 Million one-time

  • Manufactured Home Park Infrastructure Grants

    • $1.5 Million one-time


  • Tenant rights/protections:  The Senate Omnibus Housing bill includes none of Homes for All’s tenant right/protections proposals.  Also, it includes the Senate’s eviction moratorium off-ramp proposal, which Homes for All believes should be negotiated separately from longer-term policy change proposals (see above).


Judiciary & Civil Law:

Nothing included at the moment


The bill hasn’t been released yet, but we expect the Affordable Housing Tax Credit Bill to be included as well pushed by MHP.

  • Property Tax Subcommittee Bill

    • 4d tax simplification


Capital Investments:

No Bill at the Moment


Twin Cities Habitat: Advocate for Affordable Homeownership at Virtual Hill Day

The Twin Cities Habitat Advocacy Team is excited to invite you toattend Virtual Hill Day in just a couple months!Virtual Hill Day blog feature Since the onset of COVID-19 last spring, we’ve taken our advocacy online. Last year, over 150 advocacy supporters gathered for our first-ever Virtual Habitat on the Hill. Will you join us for Virtual Hill Day 2021?

Whether you’re a Habitat homeowner, donor, volunteer, Board Member, or community member, you have a part to play in advocating to expand access to homeownership. All are welcome!

Virtual Hill Day: The Details

Friday, April 30, 2021
11:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.
Event will take place online.

Register Now!

At Virtual Hill Day, you’ll hear from affordable housing advocates, learn about solutions to address the housing crisis across Minnesota, and take action to support affordable homeownership.

You’ll also have the option to attend virtual meetings with your state lawmakers following the program. These meetings will allow you to connect with other Habitat supporters in your district, speak “face to face” with your state lawmakers, and advocate directly for affordable homeownership – all from the safety of your own home.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is advocacy and why is it important?

  • Advocacy is the act of supporting an issue or cause, of using your voice to stand for or against something that matters. Learn more.
  • Everyone’s voice is important. Elected officials have a responsibility to listen to and protect the interests of the people they represent. It’s your right to tell your lawmakers what you value. We’ll help you do that from your own home!  
  • While Habitat partners with hundreds of people a year to expand access to affordable homeownership, systemic change is still needed to ensure everyone in our community has a place to call home. When you advocate, you can multiply our impact by helping to make sure our neighbors have access to affordable housing.

Why should I attend Virtual Hill Day?

  • Join a community of advocates and use your voice to make a difference.
  • Gain concrete skills and training. We’ll provide you with information about how to advocate virtually, whether through action alerts, social media, or meeting with your lawmakers online.
  • Exercise your own power through a supported, grassroots lobbying experience.
  • It’s fun! Of course, we’re biased – but it really is fun!

What can I bring to the table? Do I need to be an expert?

  • You are the expert of your own experiences; you do not need to be a professional lobbyist to be an effective advocate. Lawmakers hear from policy professionals all the time. When you share your experience and values as a constituent – through an email, call, or virtual meeting – you bring something unique and important to the table.
  • Your story can make a big difference. You can share your story with lawmakers—like your own experience of what home means to you, why you think Habitat for Humanity’s work is important, or how you or someone you know is in need of affordable housing.
  • You can invite your community. There’s strength in numbers! You can invite friends who care about affordable housing, family members looking to buy their first home, volunteers you met on a Habitat build site—everyone is welcome!

How will lawmaker meetings work?

  • On the registration form, indicate whether you’d like to attend meetings with lawmakers (your State Senator and State Representative). If so, we’ll do our best to schedule your meetings for the afternoon of April 30, although timing may vary depending on lawmaker availability.
  • You may be in a group with other constituents during the meeting.
  • We’ll provide you with a meeting outline, talking points, and other resources to help make your meeting a success. But the most important thing is showing up and sharing your perspective!

As a member of the Habitat for Humanity community, your voice can make a big difference. Thousands of families across Minnesota are reeling from the impacts of COVID-19. We need bold action at the state level to protect homeowners and ensure that everyone in Minnesota has a place to call home. You can be part of the solution. 

Register Now for Virtual Hill Day

Have any questions about Virtual Hill Day? Email Julia at Julia.Hobart@tchabitat.org to learn more.