Vote for H4A Co-Chair before Sept 30

It is time to vote for a new permanent H4A Co-Chair!

Each endorsing organization may vote once and must have been an endorsing organization of the 2019 Homes for All Agenda. Voting closes at midnight on September 30.

We are continuing to operate under the governing documents written in 2015/2016 that says: Homes for All will have two co-chairs, one representing solutions to homelessness organization, and one representing an affordable housing organization. Currently. Pastor Sue is serving as co-chair of the org representing solutions to homelessness and Chad Adams is being nominated for the other seat representing an affordable housing organization.

About the Nominee, Chad Adams:

Chad Adams
Chief Executive Officer
Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership

Chad Adams is the Chief Executive Officer for the Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership (SWMHP) a non-profit community development corporation headquartered in Slayton, MN and has an additional office in Mankato, MN.  Chad has been the CEO since June 2019 and is responsible for directing and coordinating all functions and programs for SWMHP, including direct housing and community development services to local units of government and non-profits, along with the oversight of 52 properties representing over 1,800 housing units owned by SWMHP.  He previously served a 20-year career in local government management, most recently as the City Manager of Albert Lea for eight years from 2011-2019.  Chad has a Master’s in Public Policy from the University of Northern Iowa and a Bachelors degree in Political Science from Southwest Minnesota State University.


Please note: Each endorsing organization may vote once and must have been an endorsing organization of the 2019 Homes for All Agenda. Voting closes at midnight on September 30. 

Engage your candidates on housing with MHP and Homes for All’s candidate questionnaire!

No matter what part of Minnesota you’re from, having a safe, stable place to come home to is the foundation for our wellbeing. But Minnesota is facing a housing crisis that is making it harder for people — many struggling to make ends meet — find and afford a safe place of their own. It’s time to take care of all of us; together we can ensure everyone, regardless of zip code, has a place to live our lives and care for our families. 

Minnesota Housing Partnership (MHP) and Homes for All MN have invited candidates for the Minnesota House of Representatives and the Minnesota State Senate to complete a 2020 Candidate Questionnaire on Housing Issues. The questionnaire covers issues from health and housing, to the impacts of coronavirus, to racial disparities in homeownership, and more. View the full questionnaire and the responses as they come in over the next few weeks by following this link.

Engage your candidates! 

First, find your district here and your corresponding candidates here

Then follow the steps below: 

  1. Tweet directly at your candidates and encourage them to complete the questionnaire. Be sure to use the hashtag: #2020HousingVotes and include a link to the questionnaire webpage: Find sample tweets here.
  2. If your candidate(s) responds, tweet directly at them with thanks for sharing their views. Again, don’t forget to include #2020HousingVotes and include a link to the questionnaire webpage: Find sample tweets here.
  3. Learn more about how to engage candidates around affordable housing using these resources from National Low-Income Housing Coalition’s Our Homes, Our Votes campaign. 

Special Session Action Alert: We Need Bonds for Housing Now!

It’s been four months since the Minnesota Legislature adjourned without passing a bonding bill. Lawmakers are about to convene their fourth special session. We can’t wait any longer. Demand legislative action on bonding! 

This September lawmakers are negotiating bonding targets, and it’s likely the state’s last chance to prioritize housing before cold weather sets in. Shovel-ready projects providing life-saving housing to people without shelter are ready to break ground, but without a bonding bill, many of these projects will be scrapped. Although the latest special session has concluded, we still need your voice!

Click here to send an email to urge your legislators to take action for housing and include bonds for housing and shelter in the bonding bill.

Not sure who represents you? Click here to find your lawmakers.

Thank you for your ongoing advocacy!

Homes for All Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the Homes for All coalition oversees the strategy, priorities and goals of the group. The Advisory Board works closely with the Coordinating Team to understand the ongoing work, focus, and effectiveness of the coalition and support the work of the Coordinating Team by:

  • Determining any strategic issue(s) the coalition will pursue
  • Reviewing the proposed legislative agenda of the coalition
  • Leveraging members’ knowledge, relationships, expertise, and power

The Advisory Board meets at least six times per year and may have up to 20 members. Members are nominated through the nominating committee and voted on by coalition members. It is led by a Homes for All co-chair and another individual as determined by the Advisory Board, and staffed by the coalition staff coordinator (planned for the future.) An Advisory member shall complete a three-year term that may be renewed twice. 

Advisory Board Potential Structure

  • Coalition co-chair
  • Backbone member organization representative
  • Founding member organization
  • Founding member organization
  • Founding member organization
  • Business
  • Union
  • Government
  • Developer
  • Organization with focus on homeownership
  • Organization with focus on renting
  • Organization with focus on serving people experiencing homelessness
  • Individual with lived experience 
  • Individual with lived experience 
  • 6 slots to be determined

The next step is gather input on who should be on the Advisory Board. To make suggestions, please email with the subject: Homes for All Advisory Leadership. Please provide information such as the nominee’s name, organization or affiliation; why the nominee is interested/or why you are nominating this person; whether you have spoken with nominee about leadership; any unique skills/perspectives, etc. that this individual brings; and into which of the above categories the person being recommended fits, including the at-large positions.

Twitterstorm – #Bonds4Housing in Special Session

#Bonds4Housing Twitterstorm 7/7/2020

Advocates, it’s time for another Twitterstorm! Unfortunately, the Legislature adjourned the special session in June without advancing important housing bills. Right now, lawmakers are negotiating bonding targets for the next special session in July. A Twitterstorm is a great way for us to take action and build momentum for Homes for All during a special session, even with the physical restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s make sure housing is part of the bonding bill. 


A Twitterstorm is simply a short period of time during which advocates join together to send a high volume of tweets on a specific topic. We will prepare tweets for you (found below) and you can copy and paste them throughout the hour, or schedule your tweets in advance. You can also create your own tweets and use the hashtags below to keep us together. Please retweet and “favorite” tweets as they are sent out, even if they are tweets you’ve posted already! 

The goal of this Twitterstorm is to build momentum around a bonding bill that includes housing in the legislative special session. 

We’ll do this by:

  • Favoriting, retweeting, and posting the prepared tweets for the full hour
  • Tagging the following lawmakers in our tweets: @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @KDaudt @GovTimWalz @LtGovFlanagan @DSenjem
  • Using the following hashtags in your tweets: #Homes4AllMN; #mnleg; #Bonds4Housing; 

What: Twitterstorm to build momentum around passing a bonding bill that includes housing in the legislative special session
Tuesday, July 7, 2020
11am – 12pm
Where: Twitter –
#Homes4AllMN #Bonds4Housing #mnleg @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @KDaudt @GovTimWalz @LtGovFlanagan

SAMPLE TWEETS to Copy/Paste*:

* We also encourage you to create your own original content and Tweets. Here is a link to Homes for All’s YouTube channel. There are a number of short videos from the Zoom rally earlier this spring. Feel free to include these video clips in your Tweets.

  • We need #Bonds4Housing. Please pass a bonding bill that includes housing now this special session. #mnleg #Homes4AllMN @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @KDaudt

  • More than half a million Minnesota families pay more than they can afford for homes, and that number is continuing to grow. We need #Bonds4Housing #Homes4AllMN #mnleg @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @KDaudt

  • Safe and secure public housing is an essential part of the housing continuum. #Bonds4Housing will allow us to repair and modernize Minnesota’s public housing so residents can live safely and with dignity. #Homes4AllMN #mnleg @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @KDaudt

  • Housing is a social justice issue. The 2018 Wilder survey found that African Americans, American Indians & LGBTQ youth are especially over-represented in MN’s homeless population. We need #Bonds4Housing so ALL Minnesotans have access to affordable housing. #Homes4AllMN #mnleg @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @KDaudt

  • Due to the impacts of COVID-19, even more MN households are struggling financially. We need investments to affordable and dignified housing to keep Minnesotans stably housed. #Bonds4Housing @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @KDaudt

  • State bonding is a vital tool that provides housing across MN, while also creating jobs, economic development, & stability for our most vulnerable populations, including seniors, children, & individuals with disabilities. #mnleg

  • Thousands are experiencing housing vulnerability, and shelters are at capacity. Please support #Bonds4Housing during the special session. #Homes4AllMN #mnleg @GovTimWalz @LtGovFlanagan @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @KDaudt

  • Housing is a workers’ rights issue. Almost a third of Minnesotans experiencing homelessness are employed, and 13% work full-time. We need #Bonds4Housing to support Minnesota’s working families. #mnleg #Homes4AllMN

  • We need to continue to prioritize bonding investments to address the lack of affordable housing and shelters across the state. Pls support #Bonds4Housing during special session. #mnleg #Homes4AllMN @GovTimWalz @LtGovFlanagan

  • Please be bold and support the continuum of safe and quality housing. Pass a bonding bill that includes #Bonds4Housing. #Homes4AllMN #mnleg #Bonds4Housing @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @KDaudt

  • Thank you for your past leadership and support. Don’t stop now — please support #Bonds4Housing during the special session. #Homes4AllMN #mnleg @GovTimWalz @LtGovFlanagan

  • To make our communities strong, we need Homes for All. #Homes4AllMN #mnleg #Bonds4Housing @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @KDaudt @GovTimWalz @LtGovFlanagan

  • We need your leadership for safe, affordable homes in Minnesota. Please support a bonding bill during the special session that includes #Bonds4Housing #Homes4AllMN #mnleg @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @KDaudt

  • Where we live impacts everything and Minnesotans will thrive when everyone has a safe, accessible, and dignified place to call home. Pls pass #Bonds4Housing. #mnleg @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @KDaudt

  • It’s not too late! Please support safe and affordable housing by funding #Bonds4Housing during the special session. #mnleg @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @KDaudt 

  • The need for housing is significant & growing. More than 1 in 4 households in MN pays more than they can afford for housing. To keep pace with demand, we need an additional 10k units of housing each year. Please prioritize #Bonds4Housing NOW! @DSenjem @PaulGazelka @MelissaHortman

  • #Bonds4Housing is responsible investment. We know you want to make smart investment decisions. Housing is a huge need, and it needs to be part of any bonding package that comes out of a special session. #Homes4AllMN #mnleg #Bonds4Housing @DSenjem @PaulGazelka @MelissaHortman

  • Our population is growing faster than our housing market. To keep up with demand, MN will need 10k new units each year. That’s why we need #Bonds4Housing – to jumpstart new construction & increase our housing supply. @DSenjem @PaulGazelka @MelissaHortman

  • #Bonds4Housing creates jobs. Housing development projects create jobs for hundreds of workers. Bonding dollars also help build workforce housing, which workers and businesses need to thrive. #Homes4AllMN #mnleg @DSenjem @PaulGazelka @MelissaHortman @SusanKentMN

  • Housing is the foundation for everything else in our lives. When people have access to safe, stable, & affordable housing: children excel in school, workers earn, seniors thrive, & communities prosper. #Bonds4Housing #Homes4AllMN @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @DSenjem

  • @LarsonforDuluth speaking the truth. Support #Bonds4Housing now, and ensure that EVERY Minnesotan has a roof over their head and a place to call home. @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @DSenjem

  • Thank you, Rome Darring, for your leadership. @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @DSenjem – we need your leadership, too. Please step up and refuse to end special session without passing #Bonds4Housing. #Homes4AllMN

  • Housing is the foundation for success. Thank you, Deb, for sharing your story. @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @DSenjem please pass #Bonds4Housing and ensure #Homes4AllMN for ALL Minnesotans. #mnleg

Contact Julia Hobart if you have questions:

Twitterstorm Co-Hosts