Homes for All Virtual Rally Tweetchat!

Homes for All MN is hosting a Tweetchat to kick off our Virtual Rally on May 8 — and we’d like you to participate

Don’t worry, it’s simple! A Tweetchat is just a specific time period during which we focus our conversation around a particular topic and hashtag to raise awareness and visibility. On Friday, May 8, from 9:30 to 10:00 a.m., we’ll be building momentum for our rally by discussing why we need #Bonds4Housing to achieve #Homes4AllMN. We’re posting the discussion questions below so you have a chance to reflect and post your replies. Our goal is to build as much buzz and momentum as we can around bonds for housing and encourage folks to join us for the Virtual Rally happening immediately afterward!


What: Tweetchat to build buzz and momentum around bonds for housing and encourage attendance for the Virtual Rally happening immediately after.

When: Friday, May 8, 2020

Time: 9:30 – 10:00 a.m.

Where: @Homes4AllMN

Who: YOU! 

Hashtags/Tags:  #Homes4AllMN #mnleg #Bonds4Housing

Link: will take you to the Eventbrite page to register for the Virtual Rally from 10:00 a.m. to noon, immediately following the Tweetchat. Registering is necessary to get the Zoom link to participate in the rally.

Cohosts (New!): 

Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless

Habitat for Humanity of Minnesota

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

Churches United

Project for Pride in Living

Alliance Housing Inc.


Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota

Hearth Connection

Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless

Avenues for Youth

Family Housing Fund


Wilder Foundation


CommonBond Communities

Simpson Housing Services


Minnesota Housing Partnership


  1. In MN, more than 580,000 families pay too much for housing and the COVID-19 pandemic has increased financial and housing vulnerability. Do you see the need for more affordable housing in your work or community? Join the #Homes4AllMN virtual rally for #Bonds4Housing TODAY! 

  2. Where we live impacts everything. How does the lack of adequate, affordable, and accessible housing impact your community or constituents? Join the #Homes4AllMN virtual rally for #Bonds4Housing TODAY! 

  3. Why do you advocate for affordable housing — and why should lawmakers invest in #Bonds4Housing and #Homes4AllMN? Join the #Homes4AllMN virtual rally for #Bonds4Housing TODAY! (Feel free to tag your lawmaker or leadership in your response!)

JOIN US for a Homes for All Virtual Rally on May 8th!

Join Homes for All advocates from across Minnesota for a virtual rally in support of $500 million in bonds for housing!

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it even more clear that we need #HomesForAll. We are asking state leaders to make housing a priority and invest $500 million in housing infrastructure bonds. Join us for this virtual rally, where we will hear from state lawmakers, advocates, and people whose lives have been affected by the housing crisis. While we wish we could gather in person, we know we can have a powerful impact even while social distancing. So mark the date on your calendar, and join us in demanding #HomesForAll!


Date: Friday, May 8

Time: 10:00am -12:00pm

Location: Online — register at the Eventbrite link here, and stay tuned for call-in information next week. You MUST register at the Eventbrite link in order to access the Zoom link for the rally.

Goal: To build momentum for $500M in bonds for housing!

We hope to see you there!

Twitterstorm – Build Momentum for Rental Assistance!

Advocates, it’s time for another Twitterstorm! This is a great way for us to take action and build momentum for Homes for All even with the physical restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.


A Twitterstorm is simply a short period of time during which advocates join together to send a high volume of tweets on a specific topic. We will prepare tweets for you (found below) and you can copy and paste them throughout the hour, or schedule your tweets in advance. You can also create your own tweets and use the hashtags below to keep us together. Please retweet and “favorite” tweets as they are sent out, even if they are tweets you’ve posted already! 


The goal of this Twitterstorm is to encourage lawmakers to pass legislation for $100M for Family Homeless Prevention and Assistance Program (FHPAP) funding.

We’ll do this by:

  • Favoriting, retweeting, and posting the prepared tweets for the full hour
  • Using LAWMAKER in our tweets
  • Using the following hashtags in your tweets: #Homes4AllMN; #mnleg; #Bonds4Housing; #COVID19
  • Tagging the following lawmakers:
    • Leadership: Gazelka, Kent, Hortman, Daudt – @PaulGazelka; @SusanKentMN; @MelissaHortman; @KDaudt
    • Governor Walz and Lt. Governor Flanagan – @GovTimWalz; @LtGovFlanagan
    • Key Lawmakers: Westrom, Weber, Hausman, Theis – @torreywestrom @senatorweber @hausmn66a @reptheis


What: Twitterstorm to build momentum around FHPAP housing assistance

When: Monday, April 6, 2020.

Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Where: Twitter

Hashtags/Tags/Action Alert:  #Homes4AllMN #Bonds4Housing #mnleg @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @KDaudt @GovTimWalz; @LtGovFlanagan @torreywestrom @senatorweber @hausmn66a @reptheis

Who: YOU! Please join us and invite your followers/friends to join as well. 

SAMPLE TWEETS to Copy/Paste:

  • We need investments to FHPAP housing assistance especially with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Pls prioritize safe and secure housing. #Homes4AllMN #mnleg  @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @KDaudt
  • Please support FHPAP housing assistance so Minnesota’s communities remain strong. #Homes4AllMN #mnleg. To make our communities strong, we need Homes for All. 
  • No one should lose their home because of a job loss, medical bills or other unexpected events. Support FHPAP housing assistance now to help low-income renters and homeowners weather uncertainty. #Homes4AllMN #mnleg @torreywestrom @senatorweber @hausmn66a @reptheis 
  • We can’t let another eviction and foreclosure crisis happen because of #COVID19MN. Take action NOW to protect low-income renters and homeowners by passing FHPAP rental/mortgage assistance. #Homes4AllMN #MNLeg
  • As we #StayHomeMN, no one should have to worry about being unable to pay their rent or mortgage. We need FHPAP to keep Minnesotans housed safely #Homes4AllMN #mnleg @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @KDaudt
  • Anxiety is running high everywhere in MN, but especially in communities of low-income renters & homeowners. Support FHPAP housing assistance so that all Minnesotans can emerge on the other side of #COVID19MN together. #Homes4AllMN #MNLeg 
  • Help stabilize our communities during #COVID19MN; support FHPAP housing assistance for homeowners and renters around the state. #Homes4AllMN #mnleg @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @KDaudt
  • We need leadership to pass a #COVID19MN response package that includes $100 Million in rental assistance. #Homes4AllMN #mnleg @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @KDaudt
  • 1 in 4 MN households are housing cost-burdened, & if we don’t do something immediately this number will increase. We need to pass a #COVID19MN response package that includes $100 Million in housing assistance. #Homes4AllMN #mnleg @torreywestrom @senatorweber @hausmn66a @reptheis 
  • On average, food service workers are left with $63/retail sales workers are left at $329 each month to make ends meet. These workers won’t be able to pay for food, medicine, and other household needs. Pls support $100 Million in housing assistance. #Homes4AllMN #mnleg
  • Pls support $100 mil in FHPAP housing assistance to prevent homelessness; FHPAP will assist with past due rent, mortgage payments, & halting evictions.  #Homes4AllMN #mnleg @torreywestrom @senatorweber @hausmn66a @reptheis 
  • FHPAP housing assistance allows low-income households and individuals to access naturally occurring affordable housing. In this time of uncertainty, investments in housing assistance are more important than ever.  #Homes4AllMN #MNLeg @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @KDaudt
  • Housing is a workers’ rights issue. Almost a third of Minnesotans experiencing homelessness are employed, and 13% work full-time. We need housing assistance to support Minnesota’s working households. #mnleg @torreywestrom @senatorweber @hausmn66a @reptheis 
  • FHPAP connects people with support services and housing navigation. It’s a critical piece of MN’s homelessness prevention & response system that helps people get out of homelessness and stay housed. #Homes4AllMN #MNLeg @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @KDaudt
  • FHPAP funds rental assistance, but it also helps with utilities, one-time rental deposits, transportation, mortgage payments, and more. Support FHPAP because one size doesn’t fit all for vulnerable households! #Homes4AllMN #MNLeg @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @KDaudt
  • Did you know FHPAP funds can be used for mortgage payments, utilities, & transportation costs – in addition to rental assistance and navigation services?? Invest $100M in FHPAP and help stabilize our communities. #Homes4All #mnleg @torreywestrom @senatorweber @hausmn66a @reptheis
  • As Minnesotans, we take care of our neighbors in times like these. @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @KDaudt, you can help take care of your neighbors by investing $100M into FHPAP. This program will help households pay their rents, mortgages, utilities, & more! #Homes4All
  • COVID-19 will hit low to middle-income renters & homeowners hard. Help prevent a foreclosure and housing crisis like the one in 2008, and invest in #Homes4All. Specifically, invest $100M in FHPAP. @PaulGazelka @SusanKentMN @MelissaHortman @KDaudt #mnleg


Advocates, take action with us right now! We need legislative leadership to pass a COVID-19 response package immediately that includes:

  • $50 Million of support for emergency shelters
  • $100 Million in rental assistance

There’s no time to wait, so take action now by sending an email at this link. Due to unknown timelines at the Legislature, it’s important that you act right away. Thank you for your advocacy on behalf of Minnesota’s most vulnerable communities!

COVID-19 Housing and Homelessness Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic is threatening the health and safety of all of us, particularly our most vulnerable communities.  Here are some resources to help. Homes for All will update as needed:

General information

  • Centers for Disease Control – click here for their website
  • Minnesota Department of Health – click here for their website
  • Minnesota MDH Coronavirus Site – click here
  • has created a helpful overview of homelessness resources and issues related to COVID-19 that you can find here

Housing Provider/Agency Information

  • COVID-19 Response Funding – Special Request for Proposals – With the increasing cases of COVID-19/coronavirus in Minnesota, Open Your Heart is especially concerned with the vulnerability of those experiencing homelessness who sleep together in close quarters in shelters, have limited ability to wash their hands and already struggle with underlying health conditions which make the virus much more harmful if contracted. Please click here for more information and to apply. If you would like to help support OYH’s Response Funding, please click here to donate.
  • CDC Interim Guidance for Homeless Assistance Providers on Covid-19 (Issued March 9, 2020) – click here 
  • National Healthcare for the Homeless COVID-19 Site – click here 

Information for People Experiencing Homelessness


  • NHC’s March Restoring Neighborhoods Webinar: – March 19, at 11:30am – NHC’s March Restoring Neighborhoods webinar – click here. This will feature experts in epidemiology and public health on the COVID-19 outbreak, who will discuss how to prevent spreading the disease, and appropriate precautions and contingency planning for property managers.