Homes for All’s success depends on the dedication of individuals from the organizations that make up our coalition, and the individual volunteers that make it happen. For more information about Homes for All or to get involved, contact the people below for more information. 

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Dave Anderson –
Executive Director
National Manufactured Home Owners Association
Interested in being a Co-Chair?  Reach out to Dave Anderson at

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Sue Watlov Phillips –

Executive Director

Metropolitan Interfaith Coalition for Affordable Housing;


Lorna Schmidt –

Director of Public Policy & Advocacy

Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis


Jewelean Jackson –

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Jason Urbancyzk –

Community Engagement Fellow

Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless


Interested in being a Community Engagement Co-Chair?  Reach out to Jason Urbanczyk at

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Mary Baumbartner –


Lillian Lamoreux –,

Continuum of Care Coordinator

Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership



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