Messaging guides

2017 Communications Training slides | The coalition’s communications team creates a messaging guide specific to each legislative session. The slides are available as a video in the Multimedia Library. 

Messaging and Framing Toolkit | The toolkit summarizes approaches to housing communications from Janet Byrd, Executive Director, Neighborhood Partnerships, and Alison McIntosh, ‎Government Relations and Communications Liaison at Oregon Housing and Community Services. The toolkit is published on the National Housing Conference’s Housing Communications HUB.

FrameWorks Institute | Research and Recommendations on housing communications 

“You Don’t Have to Live Here:” Why Housing Messages Are Backfiring and 10 Things We Can Do About It (2016). 

“A House, a Tent, a Box”: Mapping the Gaps Between Expert and Public Understandings of Healthy Housing (2016). 

Not Telling the Whole Story: Media and Advocacy Discourse about Affordable Housing (2016).



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