Homes for All Structure

Vision: Everyone has a safe and dignified home.

Mission: Homes for All is a statewide coalition to create policies and resources to prevent and end homelessness, and to ensure every Minnesotan has a dignified home.

Definition of Dignified Home: Safe, decent, stable, and accessible homes (including a diversity of models: rental/shared/homeownership) that they can afford at 30% of their household income or less, with services they want and that meet their needs, in the community of their choice.

Key Principles

  1. Listen to and include at the decision-making tables the people affected, providers, advocates, and community members as we advocate for H4A’s positions, create policy change and increasing resources.
  2. Support the entire Continuum of Housing: prevention (including rental assistance), outreach, shelter, transitional housing models, supportive housing affordable rental, and homeownership.
  3. Create equitable use of housing resources and streamline access to resources.

Coalition Structure

  • Homes for All Supporters: those that support and/or engage in the passage of the H4A Policy Agenda
  • Promote H4A agenda – Link to agenda on their website and/or Facebook
  • Response to Action Alerts
  • Attend rallies
  • Three Core teams, that are interconnected, form the Policy Coordination and Strategy Team
  • Legislative Team
  • Engagement Team
  • Communication Team
  • Decision Makers:
  • Core Team Members are the people who are engaged in the Legislative, Engagement, and/or Communication Team meetings.

View the Homes for All 2023 Planning Process Update (November 16, 2023)